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Remember Your Why Single Cover Release 2024


Christelle Constantin is a French songwriter, singer, and music producer, currently living in Munich. Her musical journey began in her youth as a songwriter, followed by training as a sound engineer and music producer in Paris. She honed her craft through various music productions in Paris, London and Munich.


In 2020, Christelle emerged as a solo artist, captivating audiences with her soulful and warm voice. Singles like "Levitate," "You Don’t Deserve Less," "Care," and "Ideal" swiftly gained traction, marking the inception of her solo career. In the subsequent years, Christelle showcased her versatility by collaborating with esteemed artists and producers such as Cr7z, DJ Eule, Peter Zirbs, Yu-Lekz, and Bill Sathrum.


Among her notable achievements was the song "Lose Control," which garnered widespread attention through frequent airplay on a major TV station, captivating audiences and generating significant buzz. Following this success, Christelle's new 2024 single "Remember Your Why" is also receiving regular play during prominent television sporting events, further solidifying her presence as a professional artist.


Through her music, Christelle shares her story with simplicity and authenticity, perpetually delving into the essence of the human experience.

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